We’re all about you.

We are your partners. We are 100% focused on your firm and its success.

Before we can help you to evolve your law firm from a practice into a profitable business, we need to know it inside-out.

We want to see what you do best, how you do it and where you are feeling pain. Then we can take you through the things you need to do to grow and show you how other firms have done it.

We’ll start with an exploratory meeting to see how you work. Next, we’ll give you a hands-on demonstration of our business-driving system and then provide you with a bespoke strategy and a full cost estimate.

We look at what elements of your current system work and what doesn’t to plan a delivery with continuity and minimal disruptions.

Then we get to work.

Keyhouse systems are integral parts of firms of all sizes and specialisations. That means we have the expertise and experience to make the process straightforward. We have integrated data from every mainstream legal system on the market and successfully performed more complex tasks like mergers, de-mergers, etc. We can customise our workflow and case planning software to standardise repetitive tasks and operating procedures to drive amazing new efficiencies.