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  • January 17,2017

    The story so far

    We launched our brand new website today. While it looks great, it also tells the whole Keyhouse story, details all of our products and services and will keep you up to date with all of our news and events. While we’re in the zone, we thought we’d take a minute to reflect on how far we have come and how…Read more
  • January 06,2017

    Smith & Williamson Survey of Irish Law Firms 2016/17

    Smith & Williamson are leading independently-owned providers of investment management, accountancy, tax, corporate and financial advisory services to private clients, corporates, professional practices, and non-profit organisations. They are one of the top ten accountancy and investment management firms with 13 offices in Ireland, the UK and Jersey employing 70 people in the Dublin office. The legal sector continues to be…Read more
  • November 10,2016

    Should you be Paying for your Employees to Upskill?

    The skills of your employees represent one of the most important elements of your business. The better your employees are at their job, the easier it is for your company to attain the level of productivity that is necessary to achieve success in your field.Read more
  • October 18,2016

    How to Save Hours a Day (And Your Sanity) in Your Law Practice

    When you started your law practice, it was probably like any other startup service business. You do everything, and you don’t have anyone to help you.
    At this stage, the first (and simplest) form of leverage you’ve got is a form document. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time you need a contract or memo, you open up a file, and start from a form. It’s one of the first tools lawyers use to save hours in the day.Read more
  • September 28,2016

    Here comes the new legal services regulator

    In late 2010 the government told the troika – as part of the bailout plan and a legal reform programme – we would have an independent regulator for legal services in place by the third quarter of 2011. Four years later and despite all the bravado, the legislation to allow this – the Legal Services Regulation Bill – has yet to become law. Everyone knows reform is needed. There have been lots of reports over the years, including the landmark 2006 Competition Authority study of the profession, pointing it out.Read more
  • April 06,2016

    Succession planning is vital for law firms

    It is vital that professional services firms such as law firms make succession planning an integral process within their business which can be achieved by linking it to the firm’s overall business strategy.Leading a professional services firm requires a very different approach to providing a professional service.Read more
  • March 30,2016

    3 Changes Affecting the Legal Industry and How Lawyers Can Adapt

    There’s no doubt that the legal industry is undergoing a transformation. Only time will tell to what extent these changes impact the future career prospects for young lawyers and law students today. Is the industry merely undergoing an “update” of sorts? Or is this a complete overhaul, where a substantial number of law jobs will disappear over the next 10 years?Read more
  • March 21,2016

    Why The Legal Industry Needs to Embrace Technology

    The legal system is inherently behind the times. Its entire foundation is built on reactions to happenings in the outside world. When a “wrong” is committed, the legal system reacts by establishing a new rule to punish future wrongdoers for committing the same offense. When something innovative comes along, such as the proliferation of the internet as a tool for communicating and disseminating information, the legal system slowly kicks into gear to establish guidelines and rules for how to properly use it.Read more
  • March 02,2016

    Time to take gloves off and poach Brexit tech firms

    Tech firms employ 700,000 people in London alone. Many of the bigger tech employers in that region – giants such as Microsoft and Google – are known to be uneasy about Britain leaving the European Union’s single market. They think it’s a stupid move that will only hinder business for companies like theirs.For the next 12 weeks, they need to be crudely made aware that Ireland has no such hesitation about membership of the EU.Read more