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  • February 29,2016

    Microsoft warns of risks to Irish operation in US search warrant case

    Microsoft’s failure to protect itself against a US court ruling ordering it to hand over emails stored in Dublin to federal investigators would raise “a new set of risks” for its Irish operation, the company’s president said. Speaking after testifying before a US congressional panel in Washington, Brad Smith, who is also Microsoft’s chief legal officer, told The Irish Times that the company’s goal was to “continue to operate one of the world’s largest data centres in Ireland” but that the outcome of a court appeal in New York raises a concern.Read more
  • February 11,2016

    The 10 Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques:Part 2

    Carrying on form yesterdays marketing tips listed below are 6-10.Number six: Get active in a trade association, and get on the board of directors. You’ll notice that I said, trade association, and not bar association. You should join an association of clients. You want to get in front of a room full of clients, people who can potentially hire youRead more
  • February 10,2016

    The 10 Most Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques:Part 1

    Many lawyers don't get new clients and files because they don't do enough business development activities, or they waste time on the wrong activities, or they don't get face-to-face with potential clients. What you'll read next are the most effective marketing techniques. These tips are based on scientific research that I have conducted where we asked 377 marketing partners and marketing professionals in the professional services fields what they did that worked.Read more
  • February 04,2016

    One third of UK legal sector risks information with poor cybersecurity

    A new report by security software provider IS Decisions has found that the lack of unique logins, manual logoffs and concurrent logins is putting confidential information in the legal sector at risk.The report, ‘Legal and Law Enforcement: Information Access Compliance’, found that despite requirements by regulatory bodies, only 28 per cent of employees at law firms and law enforcement agencies in the UK are prevented from concurrent logins on multiple machines. Read more
  • January 29,2016

    Three important digital marketing trends in the legal sector

    The digitisation of content and communications is certainly something the legal sector has been preparing for. Our increasingly digital economy has been great for lawyers, with more work becoming available in many different areas, including copyright law, mergers and acquisitions, media and communications, and consumer lawRead more
  • January 06,2016

    Rogue solicitors: Costs to Law Society up 29% in 2014

    The amount paid out in claims by the Law Society to compensate clients of rogue solicitors rose by 29 per cent to €3.67 million in 2014. The Law Society has in place a compensation fund to deal with people left out of pocket by defaulting solicitors. Between 2014 and 2009, the fund has paid out €23.35 million in claims.Read more
  • January 04,2016

    8 Steps to Grow Your Law Practice: From “Solo” to Small Firm

    “Grow or die!” is a vital mantra in business today, even in the law business.As a solo practitioner, there will come a time when you will be faced with the decision of whether to expand your work or maintain the status quo. If you’re like me, you’ll drool at the chance to make a bigger mark on the world.Read more
  • December 21,2015

    Lobbying offensive blunts overhaul of legal services

    It was a formidable exercise of power. Several weeks ago the Bar Council and Law Society extracted big concessions from the Coalition as it moved, after years of delay, to proceed with a long-awaited overhaul of the legal professions. At issue now is whether the new regime delivers appreciable savings for clients of barristers and solicitors.Read more